Voodoo Blends

Double Shot

As intense as a Clint Eastwood 1000 yard stare, with a “shot” of Robusta this blend is guaranteed to get the heart pumping. The revolver blend is smoothed over with some of South and Central America’s biggest legal export. A highly addictive blend with a mid to high level of acidity, it is a bold coffee as an espresso and has the strength to cut through milk. The Revolver Blend displays a fruity flavour with a subtle nutty finish. It is sleek, sexy and addictive.

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Revolution Blend


The Fist Blend is a bold and powerful coffee for serious espresso drinkers. Developed from “volatile” regions of the coffee world it is an earthy, full bodied, seriously powerful chocolaty espresso with fantastic berry aroma off the grinder.

The Fist blend is a low acidic 100% Arabica coffee, ideal as a black or white coffee. As a ristretto it will feel sweet, velvety with a lingering dark chocolate aftertaste.

Definitely a coffee that can only be controlled by Barista’s who understand the whole coffee process. Not a blend for show ponies!

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Fire Blend


The Fire Blend is a powerful untamed coffee. It is a rich combination of the finest Arabica beans from the wild regions of South America, Africa and Indonesia.

Our beans have been carefully blended to harness a coffee that delivers that real espresso fire. It is a blend that demands respect and skill to bring out its true nature whether as a milk or black coffee.

The Fire Blend displays rich caramel flavours, with subtle hints of cocoa and wild berry aromas.

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Heart Blend


A well rounded coffee with a big heart it is a combination of three high quality Arabica beans from PNG, Colombia and Tanzania. The Heart Blend is rich in character and blends beautifully with milk without losing its unique identity. It is a giving blend that is easy to manage.

Masterfully roasted to perfection, it brings out strong aroma and displays well balanced flavour with hints of chocolate. The Heart Blend taste will stay with you long after you have finished your coffee.

The Heart Blend won a GOLD MEDAL at the Sydney Royal Show for excellence in Espresso Short Black

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Locals Only Blend

Locals Only

The name says it all, this is a blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from all of Australia’s growing regions. The individual beans are roasted to a mid-roast profile and blended together to produce a low acidic full flavoured espresso.

The Locals Only blend is well balanced and display’s delicate vanilla flavours with a sweet aftertaste. It will linger with you just like the endless summer typical of the regions we source the beans.

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Moon Blend

Moon Blend

Our decaf is a single origin Colombian, high quality Arabica decaffeinated coffee, using SWISS WATER® Decaffeination Process. SWISS WATER® is a 100% chemical free process of removing the caffeine from green beans while maintaining coffee flavour and complexity. SWISS WATER® Process signifies health, great taste and quality. Roasted to medium dark, delivers a full flavoured coffee, with rich and clean taste.

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Footprint Blend


This unique blend has been designed to reduce our carbon footprint on the world. Without forgoing quality & taste this 100% Arabica coffee is a blend Australian beans and coffee from our nearest neighbours PNG, Vanuatu and Indonesia.

A beautifully balanced coffee with mid level acidity and a lingering fruity aftertaste.

Our Footprint blend is high in flavour impact without negatively impacting our world.

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Spirit Blend


This blend will NEVER be the same!. The Spirit blend allows our witch doctor (commonly referred to as our roaster) to delve into the dark arts of blending producing a dangerously volatile blend that can form into whatever taste profile he wishes to conjure.

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